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Some matters needing attention of LED high bay light

December 12,2017

Some matters needing attention of LED high bay light

Now, LED High Bay Light could replace traditional industrial and mining lamp. And more and more factories, toll station, large open area use LED high bay light, so using a huge number of correct purchasing excellent LED high bay light , will save cost.

This time we speak some of the procurement of LED high bay light;

1, Lighting brightness

First of all , you must determine your own lighting places demand when choosing lamps and lanterns, how many, how much power LED high bay light? Looking for the meet the requirements of the lighting lamps and lanterns, the brightness is too strong or too weak, will affect the user experience! 

2, Choose high quality LED High Bay
High-class power supply, at the same time we must investigate power supply which lighting places provide, so you can decide whether to adopt constant pressure constant current controller.

A good aluminum alloy radiator, it can effectively dissipate heat, ensure the service life of the light source.

3,Choose a good LED high bay light manufacturers, quality guaranteed.
And the benefits of LED high bay light price is expensive , energy-saving effect is very good, when select LED high bay light, power supply is the key, and chip and heat dissipation is good or bad relationship to the life of the lamp, suggestion choose a good manufacturer.

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